Carrier Claims & Contact Info

Online Service
Open Claim: 800-779-5630
Customer Service: 800-222-1333
Open Claim: 1-800-242-7666
Customer Service: 1-800-242-7666
Open Claim: 800-375-2075
Customer Service: 800-543-2644
Open Claim (Property & Casualty): 800-356-5750
Open Claim (Work Comp): 800-356-5750


Open Claim (Must open with Agent)

Open Claim: 800-884-3770 x4
Customer Service: 908-903-2000
Customer Service: 1-800-CNA-2000
Open Claim: 1-877-262-2727
Customer Service: 1-800-235-2942
Online Payments: Click Here
Open Claim: 1-866-232-6724
Open Auto Claim: 1-800-638-8763
Open Motorcycle Claim: 1-800-833-2244
Open Claim: 888-362-2255
Customer Service: 800-447-2295
Open Claim: 800-527-3907
Customer Service:
Auto Only: 888-888-0080
General: 800-527-3905
Open Claim: 800-922-4050
Customer Service: 877-922-9701
Open Claim:
Auto: 800-243-5860
Home: 800-243-5860
Customer Service:
Auto: 877-896-9320
General: 800-624-5578
Open Claim: 888-227-5004
Customer Service: 866-860-9348
Open Claim: 800-622-5230
Open Claim: 800-765-9749
Customer Service: 877-438-7459
Open Claim: 866-455-9969
Customer Service: 866-332-6482
Billing: 888-974-7400
Open Claim: 888-523-5545
Customer Service: 888-523-5545


Open Claim: 1-800-987-3373


For claims or service on a company not listed, please contact Empire Insurance Group.
Phone: 651-674-0990
Fax: 651-674-0993

*A contact listing above is not an endorsement, nor does it indicate an active partnership. Carrier relationships are subject to change.

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